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John Cabot’s Journey to America

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Mario Yarbrough

March 21, 2022

     John Cabot is known to be the first European to intentionally explore the mainland of North America. He was commissioned by king Henry VII of England. He landed on the island of Newfoundland, which was a British dominion located in North America in 1497. He was quite inspirational to all of Europe.

     He was born in 1450 and was the son of a merchant. As a boy, he learned lots of skills from his father, such as how to sail a boat, how to park a boat next to a dock, how to sell stuff to people. Developing these skills as a child allowed him to become the explorer he was.

     Cabot was married in 1474, became a citizen of Venice in 1476, and moved to England in 1488. Intrigued by the voyages, sudden riches, or earlier explorers, Cabot wanted to start exploring as well. The first crew he set out with, only had 18 men on board. The ship’s name was “The Mathew”. Fifty days after setting out, they landed in North America. Cabot believed that he landed in Asia, just like Columbus. After returning to England, he made a second journey to America the following year.

      The second journey consisted of five ships, and three hundred men. It was also his last journey. The ships and all his men including him, just disappeared, and he was presumed dead in 1499. He was a great help to the entire world and helped figure out more of where the New World was.


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